The In Full Fig blog has moved to a lovely new location on the web. You can now access our blog by going to It looks pretty much the same but behind the scenes is a major upgrade :-). We hope you’ll stop by often to check out what’s happening with the store.


Thanks to our friends who came to our official trunk show launch party! Even if you couldn’t make it we hope you’ll spread the word about In Full Fig and even host a party at your home soon.  Here are a couple shots of the display before our guests arrived:

A cute twitpic from StrangeCo this morning:

This weekend, Somewhere left the City…take yours to the lake too… 

Somewhere City






Get your’s at In Full Fig!

I am on kind of a “bird” kick these days.  Spring is in bloom and they are everywhere! So, I thought I would pull together a feature with all the birdy goodies available at In Full Fig.  Look at all the items we have inspired by BIRDS

Here are just a few…

Jewelry you’ll LOVE:

These mobiles bring life to ANY room!


Get Organized in Style:



And Bird Fashion!!!


Our latest and greatest super cute find are unique, handmade baby booties from Little Odd Forest. We LOVE her handbags and fun fabrics as you can see from browsing our store and so we are thrilled to have these too!  Grab a pair of these little booties as a gift or for your little one.  Sized for 1 – 8 months, depending on how small or big the little baby is. Nicely padded at the sole, with soft elastic around for easy slip-on. Approximately 3.5” length x 2” width. 


All of our teacup candles are ON SALE! Get yours today!

Burn the wonderfully scented soy candle and then use the tea cup to hold jewelry, trinkets, coins, you name it…

I was talking to a sweet little neighbor of mine today who has a loose tooth. She is 6 years old and is anxiously waiting for her it to let go so she can get a sweet treat from the toothfairy.  When I was little I would wake up in the morning with a quarter tucked under my pillow in the spot where I left my tooth. What a great surprise! 

But, I have to say that we’ve got a much better solution for your little ones and the toothfairies in their lives.  Check out these super darling Toothfairy Boxes at In Full Fig.  Use them to swap tooth for treasure while they are young and small trinkets as they get older.  

The best part is that they are super affordable…just $6 each plus shipping and four adorable designs to choose from.